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College Consulting Ambassador Program

Join our College Consulting Ambassador Program and help shape the future of aspiring college students. By referring new clients to our consulting services, you'll earn a 12% commission for every package they purchase.

Program Overview:


Directly introduce potential clients to our services.

Earn a 12% commission on the consulting package purchased by each referred client.


Commission payments are processed monthly.


To Apply

It’s free and takes 30 seconds.

Do you have a single referral to make?

You don’t need to apply; please simply refer your contact to How to refer:


After introducing your contact to what we do and explaining why it's a great fit for their needs, please email them and us ( with a warm intro. Here's a rough template:





You and I spoke about college consulting. Luke, CC'd, leads, the firm I told you about. He'd love to chat with you about how the company could help you. He'll reach out with options for a time to talk. To expedite that, please send him your phone number.


All the best,



Do you have (or are you going to find) multiple people to refer?

Please apply to be a college consulting ambassador by filling out the brief form below.


Why apply? It helps us support you with marketing collateral and customer service support as you seek to send referrals our way.

Terms and Conditions


1. The referral fee is payable upon receipt of each monthly installment from the client.


2. The referral must be for a new lead (not someone already in our system).


3. Rates (lesson prices and commission payable to ghostwriting ambassadors) are subject to change at any time but cannot be changed retroactively.


4. This Ambassador Agreement does not supersede any other current sales agreement with


5. We pay commission as specified above based on net revenue after payment processing fees (generally about 3.5%). If the client pays via wire, the ambassador gets the full percentage of the referral fee. If the client pays by credit card, the ambassador gets the listed percentage of tutoring fees minus the card processing charges. For example, if the client pays US$1,550 per month and the ambassador is due a 12% referral fee, the ghostwriting ambassador gets 1,550*0.12 per month if the client pays via wire. If the client pays by credit card, the ambassador gets 1,550*(1-0.035)*0.12 per month.

Starting Grade
Total Consulting Duration
Monthly Cost
Total Cost
Your Commission (12%)
8th Grade
4.5 years
9th Grade
4 years
10th Grade
3 years
11th Grade
2 years
12th Grade
1 years
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