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College Consulting Services for International Students

The United States is the top destination for international students—by a huge margin. The Land of the Free houses some of the top-ranked, most prestigious colleges and universities in the world, promising a high-quality education that offers students a more fulfilling life back home or a ticket to a successful life in the U.S. But with so many bright and talented applicants from around the world, competition is fierce, and earning one of the limited slots for international students at top U.S. universities is a monumental challenge.


Fortunately, we at are here to help aspiring students from India, China, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, and any other country navigate all the challenges of the application process, the language barrier, the culture shock, and the visa requirements, helping international students gain admission to their U.S. university of choice and ease into their new life.

More Than Just Academic Performance

The U.S. college admissions process is grueling enough for domestic students, with fierce competition necessitating excellence in academia, extracurriculars, and personal qualities alike. But the challenge is even greater for international students, who face the additional barriers of a complex visa system and language tests to demonstrate English proficiency, depending on their native language. Cultural differences can also impact the U.S. college admission chances of international students, who may not understand the optimal way to present themselves for success in U.S. society. But with our college consultants, international students have a powerful ally in this daunting journey.

The Challenges International College Applicants Face

How We Help International Students Gain a U.S. Education

International students come from all over the world, representing a wide variety of languages and cultures, and each one has their own unique aspirations, strengths, and circumstances. At, we emphasize a personalized approach specially tailored to the individual needs of each student, taking into account any cultural differences that may impact the process. Here’s how we help international students earn a slot at a U.S. college:

Tailoring our strategy to your needs

In our first session, we go over the client’s unique background, strengths, weaknesses, goals, needs, and circumstances to craft the best strategy to help them achieve success. We work closely with our clients and their guardians to ensure that our time together is maximally fruitful, adapting to any changes in our client’s goals or circumstances. We’re also always open to feedback about our work together and are happy to revise our strategies if desired.

Each country has a unique education system with its own intricacies that don’t always translate well to the U.S. education system. Our college consultants help students design their courseload in the way that’s most conducive to their ambitions of studying in the U.S., as well as provide guidance to help students excel at any required English proficiency tests (such as the TOEFL or IELTS) and other standardized exams.

Navigating the international academic landscap

U.S. college administrators look for more than just excellent academic performance in college applicants—they also place great value on involvement in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and other achievements or experiences that enrich a candidate’s qualifications. Our college consultants help students highlight their best attributes and present them in the best light possible, providing insightful advice so that they can write authentic, engaging personal essays.

Putting together the optimal college application

Depending on a student’s country of origin, assimilating into U.S. college life can be a struggle. We pair students with college consultants familiar with their countries and cultures, allowing for informed identification of areas of potential culture shock and helping students prepare for life in a new world. We’re open to any questions you may have about living as a student in the U.S.

Demystifying U.S. culture

Even after gaining admission to a U.S. university, international students then have to undertake the daunting task of obtaining a student visa. Our college consultants provide guidance through this process, helping students wade through the paperwork and secure the right documentation. For clients concerned about finances, we also help them explore scholarship opportunities for international students.

Guiding students through the complex visa process

We’re the Perfect Partner for Aspiring International Students

Our mission at is to better the lives of both individual students and collective global society by helping students from around the world pursue their scholastic dreams in the United States, subsequently either returning to their home countries with a high-quality education or staying in the U.S. and improving U.S. society. We’re invested in the success of our clients, carefully tailoring our approach to each individual student.

With our expert guidance, international students interested in a U.S. education gain a valuable partner who can help them not only gain admission into a U.S. college but also thrive in U.S. society during and after college. We can never guarantee admission to your university of choice, but the skills, knowledge, and confidence we instill in our clients dramatically improve their chances—and continue to provide value even after the U.S. college admissions process.

Whether you’re from China, India, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, or another country, studying in the U.S. offers untold opportunities for a better life, whether at home or in the United States. Gaining admission isn’t easy, but with the right guidance, the process becomes much easier.

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Whether you’re from China, India, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, or another country, studying in the U.S. offers untold opportunities for a better life, whether at home or in the United States. Gaining admission isn’t easy, but with the right guidance, the process becomes much easier. We at are determined to help you achieve your U.S. college ambitions, changing your life and equipping the world with one more bright, ambitious, well-educated scholar ready to make a difference.

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